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Persian Rug Cleaners in Brooklyn, NY

November 2nd, 2017

Persian Rug Cleaners in Brooklyn, NY

Persian Rug Cleaning

A Persian rug is a type of oriental rug that is made in Iran. Rug making is an integral part of Iranian art and Persian culture. These wool rugs are characterized for having elaborate and beautiful designs.

Tips on how to care for and clean a Persian rug

A quality Persian rug can last for many decades. However, some basic care and cleaning is needed to help it stay looking its very best. The following are a few tips to help you properly care for your rug.

Rotate the rug. This will help to avoid any one area getting excessive wear. Rotate the rug every 2-6 months.

Avoid direct sunlight. This will cause the dyes in the rug to fade.

Vacuum on a regular basis. This will help to prevent the rug fibers from becoming matted and remove debris and dirt.

Spot clean. In case of a stain or spill, blot any excess liquid using a paper towel or cloth. If necessary loosen the stain using a small amount of club soda. Do not use cleaners such as detergents or soap since that can damage the rug’s fibers. I highly recommend you contact local Brooklyn Persian rug cleaner to get expert guidance.

Cleaning your Persian rug.

It is generally recommended to hire a professional to clean your Persian rug since they will have the experience and access to superior cleaning products and techniques to clean your rug properly. At Oriental Rug Care NY we take pride in our work and have been servicing Brooklyn, New York for many years.

To clean your own rug, do the following:

– Vacuum both sides of the rug well.

– Shampoo the rug using a rug shampoo or mild liquid soap and cool water (do not use a strong detergent). First, test for any color run on a small area. Use a non-shedding, firm sponge, or long haired, soft brush. Firmly brush the pile in the same direction as nap, but do not scrub too vigorously. Also wash the fringes.

– Thoroughly rinse the rug with water.

– Squeeze any excess water out. You can use a rubber window squeegee. Continue to squeegee the pile in the same direction as the rug’s nap until all of the water is forced out.

– Lay the rug flat to dry. Turn over and dry the other side.

– Lightly vacuum or brush gently if the rug’s pile is stiff.

Professional Brooklyn Persian Rug Cleaning

As a professional Persian rug cleaner we have the experience, specialized procedures, equipment and cleaning supplies to thoroughly and safely clean your Persian rug.

Here is the general process that a professional rug cleaner will follow:

1. Pre-cleaning inspection

The rug will be thoroughly inspected to assess the rug’s condition and identify any fragile, damaged or heavily stained areas.

2. Dust

The rug will be thoroughly dusted to remove all dust and debris.

3. Pre-Conditioning

Any heavily stained or soiled areas will have a professional grade solution applied to pre-condition these problem areas.

4. Rinse

Removes the pre-condition solution.

5. Hand wash

Your rug will then be hand washed by a professional rug cleaner. A professional grade cleaning solution will be used.

6. Ringer

A ringing machine is used to eliminate all excess water

7. Dried

Your rug will be dried in a climate controlled room.

8. Grooming

Your Persian rug will be brushed and groomed to ensure the pile of the rug looks its best.

Persian rug cleaning is as much an art as it is a science. You can clean your own rug but a professional that services your Brooklyn area will have the experience, expertise and specialized equipment and cleaning solutions to do a thorough, safe and professional job.Give us a call today. We offer free estimates and pick up and delivery service. Either way, make sure to properly care and clean your Persian rug so that continues to look beautiful for many years to come.

Pet Urine Carpet Removal New York

October 8th, 2016

Oriental Rug Care NY offers expertise when it comes to pet stain and odor removal services in New York City. Our years of experience in this industry we understand

Pet Urine In Your Rug Or Carpet Facts

Pet urine does not stay on the surface of your carpet but penetrates deep into the fibers of the carpet so a rag, towel or sponge will not be the solution in lifting this away. Many times a carpet with padding beneath will absorb the pet urine all the way through and even stain wood floors beneath the layer of padding.
The urine odor can be very strong and linger throughout your home or apartment if it does not get properly removed and cleaned. The odors also will permanently be in your home held deep in the carpet fibers and anything else the urine had absorbed into. Do not worry if you overwhelmed and stuck in this situation we are here to help.

Best Carpet Pet Urine Cleaning Services in NYC

Your pet is one of the best parts of your life, and that’s a given, but what about the mess they make? What if they get urine all over the carpet? What are you going to do about it? You can’t let the stench fill the rooms of your house as that is not a pleasant experience to deal with.

You will have a few options that can be used when it comes to pet urine. The best and most professional solution is to choose a professional pet urine cleaning service to do the job for you like Oriental Rug Care NY.

We Remove All Odor

The first thing you’re going to notice with urine is the odor. It is going to be awful. It will spill into everything, and you won’t be able to breathe without getting a whiff of it. Is that what you want to deal with? Most people will want to take action right away. This is where our service is proven to help with pet urine is good.

You will not only get rid of the visual presence of urine, but the lingering odor as well. It will not seep into your nostrils any longer once the service puts its modern techniques to use. We will remove the pet urine staining after the odor removal.

Remove Bacteria From Urine

A significant amount of bacteria build-up is going to be a reality after your pet has sprayed urine all over the place. It is a ghastly sight, but also one that is bad for your health. It is important to take action and get rid of the urine and its presence as soon as you can. If you let things linger, you’re the one who is going to pay. You want to make sure the service specialist eradicates all signs of the sprayed urine. Once this is done, your house will be bacteria-free as needed.


If you have urine in the house, you will have one goal in mind, and that’s immediate removal. You won’t want the urine to sink in and do excessive damage. It is just like dropping any other fluid on the carpet or your furniture. You will want to take action right away.

This is why you want to call in the pros.

You will know the right solutions are going to be put to the test. This will save your time and make sure the solution is as quick as you want it to be. You will never have to worry about waiting.

Free Quote

If you’re looking to get a read on what it’s going to cost, you have to get a free quote as soon as possible. This is the right way to go about removing pet urine from your house. A free quote is going to give you a good read on what the market will offer. An excellent service is not only going to provide you a free quote, but it’s also going to make life easier for you in the long-term. It is smarter to make sure you get the quote right away before the urine sinks in and does more damage.

A pet urine carpet cleaning service is a must for those who are hoping to clean their property as soon as possible. You should not delay this as it’s going to smell awful and you won’t like the look of urine stains all over the place. Many people let this happen, and the results are often unappealing.

It is best to start with a high-grade solution that will make sure the urine is a thing of the past. You don’t have to let it get out of control as long as you call in a professional team.

10 Most Expensive Carpets in the World

August 10th, 2016

The rug or carpet of a room contributes a significant portion of a value of a home. It is the often the first thing you notice walking into a house and is a central feature for communal spaces such as the lounge or dining room. But the owners of these next few extravagant rugs took the concept of quality to a whole other level. For your enjoyment, here are the top 10 most expensive carpets ever sold.

10 – The Tabriz Carpet


The Tabriz carpet from northwest Persia is a great example of traditional Mahi field patterns and colours. The turtle shell design elements in the border and good condition had this rug selling for $68,500 USD.

09 – Fereghan Sarouk


The Fereghan carpet is another Persian rug that broke the bank at $74,500 USD. This rug is a good example of a Fereghan Sarouk design, a favourite amongst collectors. It features a loose symmetrical hour glass design with three large medallions spaced down its length.

08 – Portuguese Armorial


The Portuguese armorial carpet sold for $80,500 USD, making it the eighth most expensive carpet in the world. This square cut rug features an elaborate border with oscillating patterns orientated around a single square medallion in the centre.

07 – Mohtashem Kashan Carpet


At just under $100,000 USD, the Mohatashem Kashan carpet from central Persia is one of the highest “grade” Kashan carpets made in the 19th century. High quality weaving and exceptional craftsmanship saw this rug sell for $92,500 USD.

06 – Ziegler Mahal Carpet


The Siegler Mahal Carpet is another from central Persia that made it onto the list of top 10 most expensive rugs. This large square cut rug features an intricate flower patterned border and deep royal colours. It sold at a Sotheby’s auction for $98,500 USD.

05 – Isfahan Carpet


The fifth most expensive rug in the world is the Isfahan carpet from the collection of Tobacco heiress, Doris Duke. This rug has a high decorative value with striking colours and an elaborate pattern design. It sold for $116,500 USD.

04 – Ushak Rug


This rug may be old but it still packs a punch. With striking colours and exceptional contrast, this rug is both rich in design and symbolism. Rugs of this type are recognisable by their saturated brick-red fields, but this particular one was exceptional, selling for $158,500 USD.

03 – Ziegler Mahal Carpet (2)


Into the top three, the Ziegler Mahal Carpet didn’t let a few holes stop it from selling for an amazing $170,500 USD. In soft coloured palettes and a generous size this rug is the sort highly sought after for furnishing.

02 – Ziegler Mahal Carpet (3)


The second most expensive carpet in the word is another Ziegler Mahal Carpet from central Persia. This rug was in high demand by decorators due to its large print scale and colourful palette. It sold for more than its brother ($182,500 USD) due to its high quality condition.

01 – Silk Isfahan Rug


And finally, the number one most expensive rug every sold was the silk Isfahan rug of central Persia. The outstanding craftsmanship, high knot density and use of pure silk made it a rare find. Selling for a staggering $4,450,000 USD, this extravagant wonders trumped all other rugs in its class when it was sold in 2008.

Step by Step Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning

September 7th, 2015

Professional Oriental Rug Washing By Hand NYC.

Oriental rugs add an exquisite and add an exotic touch to any house. The addition of an oriental rug to any room or living space changes the feel and environment of the living space significantly. Due to the uniqueness of this type rug, it stands out as something you want to take care of. There are several options you have when it comes to oriental rug cleaning, and one of the best ones is going for the professional cleaning services.

Washing your oriental rug should be done carefully in steps professionally and done by an expert in your local New York City area. This is very vital since it enables the rug to get cleaned efficiently. Some of the stains on these rugs may be hard to remove if the cleaning is done randomly. Below are some of the steps involved in professional oriental rug cleaning.

Dust Removal.
This is the first step in professional oriental rug cleaning. This is a very important step as it helps remove the dust that is trapped inside the foundation of the rug. These soiling in the foundation of your rug grind against the fiber, and this is the main reason behind wear and tear. Your oriental rug will last longer if it has very little soiling.
Professional Inspection.
Once the rugs are dusted, an inspection is very necessary. We are professional and have cleaned and appraised thousands of expensive oriental rugs. This inspection needs to be done so that the best cleansing treatment of the rug can be determined. As stated above, there are different forms of stains and there are specific cleaning methods that are used to remove these stains.
Soaking and Hand Washing Rugs in New York City.

This is the next step necessary after determining the perfect cleaning method for your rug. This process needs to be done by hand after a proper bath and soak method is added onto the rug. An environmentally friendly organic solution is also necessary when the scrubbing and gentle washing by hand is done. The rugs that are too delicate to be scrubbed by the powerful scrubbing machines and need to be hand scrubbed firmly and carefully and one by an experience New York City rug cleaner.
This is the step that comes immediately after scrubbing a rug. This step is very important as it is the one that cleans the rug off all the dirt removed by the scrubbing process. This step should be done using a professional rinsing machine that will clean off all the dirt.
Extraction Of Water.
This process is very essential since it prepares the rugs for drying. This process not only shortens the drying process but also ensures that your rug comes out with a soft and fluffy texture.
This is one of the last steps of professional oriental rug cleaning. After water is extracted from the rugs, they are then taken to a dry room. In the dry room, the rugs are hung upwards, and the temperature of the room increased to facilitate the drying process.
Above are the steps necessary for effective professional rug cleaning. Oriental Rug Care NY always takes the proper steps to make sure your rugs and carpets are cleaned in a delicate manner. These steps are all vital, and after they are done, your rug will come out very clean and brought back to life.

Natural Rug Cleaning Techniques

September 7th, 2015

Oriental Rug Care NY-Natural and Organic Rug Cleaning Techniques

A dirty carpet carries a wide variety of bacteria, dust mites and other illness inducing filth. Cleaning your rugs on a regular basis eliminates a number of health risks. But how can you clean your carpet without using dangerous chemicals?

1. Suck The Dirt Away

Simply brushing away dirt that has collected on the surface of the rug or carpet will not clean it sufficiently. Dust and dust mites that have made their home deep in the fibers of the carpet need to be sucked away.

Vacuuming your carpets regularly will eliminate dirt that has settled deep down. Choose a vacuum that has a high suction power that will suck away dirt right down to the underlay. Some types of thick pile carpets may require brushing before vacuuming to loosen dirt that has become trapped.

2. NYC Steam Cleaning or professional hand wash service

Using steam to clean your rugs and carpets is a great way to get out heavy dirt and stained areas but our NYC hand washing service is probably the best natural means to remove stains and dirt that cannot be vacuumed and sucked away. It is advisable to steam or hand scrub carpets at least once a year. But depending on the amount of traffic in certain areas and how often your carpets get dirty, you may require more regular cleanings by a pro carpet service. For example, a household with pets and young children may require carpets to be cleaned more often.

You can choose to have your carpets steam-cleaned professionally but make sure you use a recommended professional like Oriental Rug Care NY. We can provide excellent customer care and provide you with very valuable knowledge about your carpets or rugs and inform you what proper cleaning technique is needed.

Keep in mind that steam cleaning can leave carpets soaked and you will need to avoid stepping on them until they have dried completely. It is advisable to steam clean in the summer months and leave doors and windows open to expedite the drying process.

3. Getting Rid Of Stubborn Stains

The most common stains are caused by spills and pet accidents. You should clean up a spill as soon as possible, before it has a chance to dry which will make it more difficult to remove. The fact is that most people put immediate cleaning off for as long as possible which means that you will need to use some products to remove the stain effectively.

There are a few organic and environmentally friendly carpet cleaners available on the market that are safe for use in the home. Oriental Rug Care will apply organic and natural solution not harmful shampoos.

Combining vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and water in a spray bottle is a great natural overall household cleaner and will remove some stains from your carpets. However, the effectiveness of this cleaning solution is dependent on the type of stain and the person removing the stain. One of our experienced technicians can assure you that we will remove deep stains and not harm your rug.

Red wine is customarily difficult to clean away. Liberally dousing the spill with salt before it dries draws the liquid and the stain out of the carpet. Pet urine and other odors can be combated by adding a little natural fragrance to your cleaning solution. If you have deep stains and odors and want to consult with an expert please give us a call today. Oriental Rug Care in NYC has over 30 years of experience in the rug cleaning and repair business.

Rug Fringing Repair NYC

June 24th, 2015

Rug Fringing Repair service in New York City 

As time progresses, your rugs will start to accumulate more and more damage. The damage will not be noticeable at first, but give it a few years more and you will start seeing the difference. Hence, it is important to give it periodical check and maintenance. If an unraveled rug fringe has been discovered, this should be immediately repaired.  This is where we come in at Oriental Rug Care NY. Our experience and reputation speaks for itself when it comes to rug cleaning and restoration.

How is the repair done? First and foremost, if the rug is machine made, then the rug fringe is either glued or sewn. In such case, the rug fringe can be easily pulled off and simply stuck back or stitched on. However, if the rug is handmade, this involves a more difficult repair process.  Hand made rugs are valuable and require precise and detailed attention.

The foundation (wrap and weft) of every rug is composed of several materials like silk, jute, cotton or linen. The fringe is part of the foundation and the appropriate material should be utilized for every rug. With the help of a master crafter, he will assess the damage and then based on the discovered damage, he will determine if the rug fringes can be embedded into the original knot. If the rug’s woven section have unraveled over the fringes up to the rug’s foundation, then the entire section will be re-weaved. Apart from fringes, the rug’s edges should be exactly secured in order to protect the rug’s foundation.

Why Should the Rug Be Cleaned Prior to Repair?

It is vital that the rug should be first cleaned prior to repair, except for scenarios wherein a rug necessitates to be secured within the damaged portion prior to wash. In such case, those portions like big cracks or tears are switched in such a manner that will protect the rug fiber and will support the rug altogether.

In a case of decaying fiber, a momentary backing for the rug before washing is added to lessen further breakdown. This is a vital step for washing particular antique rugs as well. A stable backing is utilized for rugs, when after repair and wash have been done, still has a weak structure and fragile fiber. The other benefits of washing the rug before repair include:

Read the rest of this entry »

Rug Patching NYC

June 24th, 2015

Rug Patching Service in New York City

Rugs are important parts of a home’s interior. They embrace the floors and turn them alive and attractive. If you go out to shop for rugs, you will discover that there are several types of rugs that come in varied sizes, designs, shapes and materials used during the process of manufacturing. With regular cleaning and proper maintenance, you can upkeep the looks and quality of the rugs. Yet, due to unfortunate incidents, rugs can easily be torn up. What should you do with your rugs that have holes in it? Would you instantly go out and buy a new one?  The most economic way to eliminate the holes of your rug is to patch them up.

Do you have a rug with holes in it? What type of rug do you have? We specialize in repairing Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, antique rugs, wool rugs, silk rugs, machine made rugs. We will use our expertise to restore and fix your damaged rug.

Read the rest of this entry »

Rug Shearing NYC

June 24th, 2015

Rug Shearing and shaving service in New York City

Rugs do not just require cleaning; they also require repair and restoration. Valuable throw rugs such as Oriental Rugs sometime require proper shaving or also known as shearing after some time.

Oriental Rug Care NY is your number 1 provider in professionally shaving or shearing your rug properly.

We understand how to clean and maintain all types of rugs. Our NYC rug shearing service is one of a kind. We professional shave excess fiber strands to restore the look and bring your rug back to life without causing harm. It is needed so that the rugs will be equally symmetrical all around and provides a new softness on the edges.

Rug shearing can make the rugs thin depending on how you want it to be. Shearing the rugs makes it more presentable to owners and buyers. Different sizes, thickness and thinness, length and width. Shearing rugs using the new technology is an easy way to do more with less. Rug shearing by machine has helped the rug industry be able to produce more rugs or shear more rugs without consuming too much man power with less effort because of the programmed machine that is being use. Hand rug shearing still takes place but is professionally done by few and this skill is required when your aged valuable rug is need of shearing.

Shearing helps in removing loose, uneven and brittle ends from the rugs. It is important for a rug to be sheared so that it becomes smooth when you touch it and looks precise. Whenever you use a rug that has been shaved properly you will feel and see a huge difference.

There are special tools and equipment used in this process and should never be performed by an untrained individual. This can make or break a valuable rug depending on who is providing the work. Our rug shaving process can enhance rugs into the next level when needed. If you own a throw rug that you think may need shaving or professional restoration call us at Oriental Rug Care NY today. We can help retrieve your rugs original appearance.  We also provide rug repair, rug restoration and rug preservation services through out New York including: Read the rest of this entry »

Hand Washed Rug Service NYC

June 24th, 2015

Hand Washing Rug Service in New York City

Rugs are made of different kinds of fabric and some valuable rugs need expert care to assure no damage is done. You may have carpet and throw rugs through out your home and maybe they have not been cleaned in months or even worse years. In order for your rugs to last long, you need to maintain them with proper cleaning. Big part of maintenance is under standing the type of rugs you have, the value of them and knowing how to wash them. There are a few ways for your rugs to be clean sometimes it requires hand wash or machines and other equipment. But most of the people they prefer cleaning by hand on valuable rugs. It is the most efficient and professional way to clean valuable throw rugs.

Rugs maybe made up of fibers, Silk, fine wool or cotton. Fiber has the unique capability to take cover of dirt and dust and this all will build up over time. Hand washing for rugs is the most efficient way in cleaning because of how delicate and precise we can be, for it does not harm the fibers, which can lead to damages. Oriental Rug Care will hand wash with care starting with smooth and gentle process and also using the right detergents. If you own a valuable rug be extremely careful of who performs a cleaning or repair on such an important asset. Read the rest of this entry »

Rug Over Casting NYC

June 24th, 2015

Rug Over Casting service in New York City – Oriental Rug Care NY

If you are fond of decorating your home and making it more appealing and inviting, you have probably invested on rugs and carpets. You can actually experiment and decorate every corner of you house with rugs. These can actually increase the visual appeal of your home and can make everyone feel good. These also add charm and warmth to every room. Let your precious and beautiful rugs and carpets define your interior now.

There are many different types of rugs that come in different styles and designs now. Most of them are noted for being extravagantly stylish. Modern rugs are crafted using top quality materials to give individuals high durability. Rugs can embellish your room in the following ways: Read the rest of this entry »

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