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Carpet Mold Removal

Carpet mold is a very serious issue because it can cause health problems, particularly for those with asthma, mold allergies, or respiratory ailments.  In addition, carpet mold leads to a musty odor which makes the inside of a home unpleasant even for those whose health is unaffected.  Carpet mold removal is an involved process which requires a great deal of expertise and experience.  The carpet mold removal experts at Oriental Rug Care NY are able to analyze the severity of any carpet mold situation and execute the most appropriate treatment on a case by case basis. Causes Carpet mold is caused by moisture in a carpet.  When a carpet is dry, mold spores have nothing to feed off of and remain dormant.  When moisture is introduced, mold spores begin to grow and spread.  More often than not, the most severe cases of carpet mold begin in one area of the carpet with a slower and less obvious leakage or seepage of water.  Severe water damage is usually dried and carpet mold removal treatments are deployed promptly.  Thus, mold has little time to take hold of the carpet.  When the carpet owner is unaware of the problem, the mold can grow for a long time before the problem becomes obvious.  In either case, beginning carpet mold removal processes immediately is extremely important in order to limit damage not only to the carpet, but to the floor, furniture, and even the air quality.  The carpet mold removal team at Oriental Rug Care NY are trained and experienced in carpet mold removal processes, as well as in finding the root cause of any mold problem to make sure that the mold cannot return once carpet mold removal treatment has taken place. Severity While identifying the cause of the carpet mold problem is absolutely essential to effective carpet mold removal, identifying the severity of the problem is just as important.  In mild to moderate cases of carpet mold removal and prevention of further growth can be accomplished fairly easily.  Extreme cases of carpet mold may necessitate removal of the carpet and the carpet tacks, followed by complete replacement.  Keep in mind that this is only done as a last resort and extreme cases, and it is always best to have a team of professionals like the carpet mold removal experts at Oriental Rug Care NY identify the severity of the problem.  In the vast majority of cases, we will be able to save your carpet, remove the mold and prevent further growth.  Nothing is more important to us than your total and complete satisfaction. Treatment and Removal We use only the best professional carpet mold removal products at Oriental Rug Care NY.  Once we have eliminated the cause of the carpet mold problem and determined the severity, we will match the appropriate carpet mold removal strategy and treatment to the problem at hand.  In all cases, we will use a cleaning product that does two things.  The carpet mold removal product will both remove existing mold as well as create a barrier that prevents the mold spores from spreading and growing.  This part of the process is known as encapsulation.  Once this is done, the mold cannot come back.  When the unexpected happens, and carpet mold removal becomes necessary, it can be stressful.  With our quick emergency response and our carpet water damage restoration team on the case, you will never have to worry.  If you have mold in your carpet and want to make sure that your carpet mold removal job is done by the very best, look no further than the carpet mold removal professionals at Oriental Rug Care NY.

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