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Carpet Got Wet

Friday, June 12th, 2015

No life is perfect, and often, life is full of surprises. Having your carpets ruined due to water damage in NYC is one surprise most of us can do without. If you have the misfortune of one day discovering that your priceless carpet got wet, Oriental Rug Care NY can help! Water heaters, washing machines, burst pipes and potted plants are often the culprits when you find that your carpet got wet unexpectedly. Potted plants can leak water from their bases, and water heaters can rust out. Water from a washing machine overflow or busted pipe can be an even bigger nightmare to clean up if it was the main cause that your carpet got wet. If any of these items are located on the main floor of your home in or near a room where your Oriental or other carpets reside, you should take the steps to prevent water damage before it happens. But what if you weren’t home when your carpet got wet? What if you were asleep and awoke to find that your carpet got wet due to a leak? It is important to know that all is not lost! First, make sure the source of the water is cut off or removed! Then call the professionals at Oriental Rug Care NY for an expert analysis of the damage as well as premium restoration services. If you have discovered that your carpet got wet with a significant amount of water, take steps to have the water extracted immediately. Our technicians are trained in the use of industrial equipment to assure that water is removed as thoroughly as possible, while minimizing damage. We will assess the extent to which the carpet got wet, and work aggressively to remove the water and clean and dry the area to prevent mold and mildew from setting in. If your carpet got wet some time ago, perhaps due to the constant leakage of a potted plant in a small area, you should examine the carpet to determine its current state. Prolonged moisture can cause a carpet’s pile and foundation to mold or even rot. Even a few days of inaction after your carpet got wet can be enough time for this deterioration to take place. It is important to take action as soon as possible. Use a white towel to blot up as much water from the area where your carpet got wet. Then call the experts at Oriental Rug Care NYC to assess the damage and to provide restoration services. Water damage in NYC is our business. Taking steps to minimize the damages that may have started when your carpet got wet is what we do. We feature experienced and highly skilled professionals who will treat your case with the utmost priority. The process takes some time, but the results are worth it. First we dry the rug, as well as the area where the carpet got wet. This can take up to one week. After that we install new carpet or rug padding. Finally we clean and sanitize the carpet itself. Depending on how badly the carpet got wet, and depending on whether or not there was any structural damage to the carpet that got wet, this can take several days, as well. The ultimate goal of our work at Oriental Rug Care NY is to return your rugs to better than the condition they were in before the carpet got wet.

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