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Organic Rug Cleaning – Keeping Carpets Clean the Environmentally-Friendly Way

Friday, June 12th, 2015

One of the most subtle yet important elements of any home is the carpeting. From wall to wall carpets to small area rugs, these floor coverings contain an element of style, as well as serving a useful purpose in terms of adding warmth and insulation to any room. When it comes time to protect and clean your rugs, there are several factors to take into consideration. To get started with the cleaning process, you might want to consider what type of cleaning product you are going to use. Organic rug cleaning is currently one of the top trends, because more and more consumers are becoming aware of how important it is to avoid harsh chemicals in their home environments. (more…)

Carpet Cleaning NY – How Vacuum Cleaners Work

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Throughout New York State, there is an ongoing need for carpet care. The damp conditions associated with areas such as Long Island can lead to mold and mildew setting into carpets. On the other hand, the urban grit that is found throughout the five boroughs of New York City has a way of getting tracked in from the subway to your home carpets before you know it. To help fight this, one of the first tools at your disposal at home is the common vacuum cleaner. It’s helpful to look at how vacuum cleaners work and what types are out there, to figure out how this could fit into your carpet cleaning NY needs. A vacuum works by using an air pump that creates a way to suck up dust and dirt from carpets or other surfaces. The dirt is then gathered together in a filtering system, and is placed into a bag for future disposal. When you use a vacuum for carpet cleaning NY, the suction is caused by a difference in air pressure within the device. The pump then reduces this pressure, pushing air through the carpet and into the nozzle, so that the dust is pushed into the bag for safe keeping and disposal. Experts recommend that you vacuum at least once a week to remove soil from your NY carpets, and even daily in high traffic areas of the home. There are several different types of vacuum cleaners to choose from for your basic carpet cleaning NY needs. Upright vacuum cleaners have the pump place directly over the suction device, so that you can simply push the vacuum around and suck up dirt. Canister or cylinder vacuum cleaners, by contrast, have the motor and the bag in a separate unit than the vacuum head and hose. For commercial cleaning, you might see back pack vacuum cleaners. These can be placed on the back, but aside from that are basically the same as canister cleaners. When you have a serious dust and dirt problem in the home, a personal vacuum cleaner may not be enough to remove tough stains and embedded dirt or oil. In these cases, you will need to call for the services of a professional carpet cleaning NY crew. They will be able to use industrial strength vacuums, as well as other tools such as steam cleaners, to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Read About:

Organic Rug Cleaning – Types of Carpet Cleaning Services

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Although rugs may come with a new home, in most cases you will want to purchase your own to give your home a personalized sense of style. Carpets can be seen as a certain type of investment, and one which you will want to protect with regular cleaning. One of the best ways to protect your investment is to stay away from the harsh chemical spot cleaners that can lead to carpets becoming frayed and worn down over time. Instead, it’s a good idea to use organic rug cleaning methods and products. These are just as effective, and are far more environmentally-friendly. They also help prevent the allergies and asthma that chemical cleaners can trigger. (more…)

Oriental Rug Cleaning – Caring for Oriental Rugs

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Oriental rugs have been manufactured for centuries, and continue to be a strong investment piece that can be a beautiful way to tie a room together and warm up a home. Whether your oriental rug is handcrafted or made by a machine, you will need to think about how to best care for it to allow it to last for the longest amount of time. These can age well when they are taken care of, so with the right level of oriental rug cleaning, you can have a family heirloom to pass down for generations. One of the first things to think about is protecting your rug from moisture and humidity. Although you can use a small amount of water to clean your carpet, if you allow the moisture to sit for long periods of time this could cause color leakage and mildew. (more…)

Oriental Rug Cleaning – How to Clean Your Oriental Rug

Friday, June 12th, 2015

An oriental rug can be a treasure to protect in your home, because these are oftentimes passed down for generations. Yet even if you have a factory made rug that was constructed only last week, you will still want to figure out how to best protect your rug and keep it clean. The best way to go about oriental rug cleaning is to try and prevent any stains or dirt from affecting it in the first place. This includes placing it in an area that doesn’t have too much foot traffic, and removing outdoor shoes when you are entering the house. It can also be a good idea to place the rug in areas free from food, such as the living room or bedroom. (more…)

Yes, We Clean Organic Mattresses Too !

Friday, June 12th, 2015
Did you just drop a cup of coffee on your organic mattress? We can clean that out for you.
Most cleaning services use toxic cleaning products. Our organic mattress cleaning services only use natural and safe cleaning products. No need to compromise your organic mattresses with chemical laden solvents.
Our product are delicate enough to handle hand-made oriental rugs, they can certainly clean your organic mattress with a delicate touch.
Organic mattresses can be very difficult to clean given their natural foams and fabrics. Don’t trust just anyone with this investment.
Keep sleeping healthy by choosing Oriental Rug Care NY.
Read More About “Organic Carpet Cleaning

Organic Rug Cleaners – What Are They and Why Are They Needed?

Friday, June 12th, 2015

The word “organic” is on the tip of everyone’s tongues these days. Organic is everywhere you look. It is on the food shelves at your local grocery store, it is on your shampoo bottle and even on your pet food label. Did you know that there are also organic rug cleaners? Yes, believe it or not, they do exist! More importantly, though, do you know what it means for a rug cleaner to be “organic?” Let’s explore the subject a little more in-depth. (more…)

Rug Cleaning – Pure, Green, and Clean Approaches to Rug Cleaning

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Preserving the environment makes good sense for the sake of our children and grandchildren, but did you realize that your rugs also benefit from environmentally friendly rug cleaning?  Keeping your rugs clean is so important.  Your health can be greatly diminished from exposure to indoor pollutants and allergens.  If you have allergies, you know how much they can affect quality of life.  Your area rugs can harbor dust, pollens, mites, and other substances that can send your allergies into orbit.  Think of your children crawling or playing on your rugs.  They are stirring up these allergens and being exposed to them. (more…)

Organic Rug Cleaning – Sustaining the Natural Environment

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Outfitting a home with unique and long lasting items is not only provides smart value for the investment but helps to convey personal style. For some people, the adoption of green techniques to sustain their environment has become more important in recent years. Whether this means shopping closer to home, reusing items for other functions or building your own household furnishings, all of these endeavors can lower their impact upon the Earth. Another way that can provide benefit to the world is to use organic rug cleaning services. Not only will this lessen the use of natural resources, but it will reduce the introduction of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. (more…)

Organic Scotchgard

Friday, June 12th, 2015

When you purchase carpeting for your home, it is a major investment.  When you invest in something, usually you want to protect it, but unfortunately it isn’t always easy to protect your carpet.  Even the most careful adults sometimes spill red wine or coffee on their carpets, and if you add children and pets into the mix then your investment is in constant danger.  From pet stains to grape juice, there is nothing that your carpet is truly safe from.  With all these dangers, it seems like you would have to cover your carpet with plastic to protect it!  Unfortunately, that would destroy the beauty and comfort the carpet is supposed to provide in the first place.  Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: carpet protection in the form of organic Scotchgard. (more…)

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