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Hand Washed Rug Service NYC

Hand Washing Rug Service in New York City

Rugs are made of different kinds of fabric and some valuable rugs need expert care to assure no damage is done. You may have carpet and throw rugs through out your home and maybe they have not been cleaned in months or even worse years. In order for your rugs to last long, you need to maintain them with proper cleaning. Big part of maintenance is under standing the type of rugs you have, the value of them and knowing how to wash them. There are a few ways for your rugs to be clean sometimes it requires hand wash or machines and other equipment. But most of the people they prefer cleaning by hand on valuable rugs. It is the most efficient and professional way to clean valuable throw rugs.

Rugs maybe made up of fibers, Silk, fine wool or cotton. Fiber has the unique capability to take cover of dirt and dust and this all will build up over time. Hand washing for rugs is the most efficient way in cleaning because of how delicate and precise we can be, for it does not harm the fibers, which can lead to damages. Oriental Rug Care will hand wash with care starting with smooth and gentle process and also using the right detergents. If you own a valuable rug be extremely careful of who performs a cleaning or repair on such an important asset.

Hand washing rugs is very effective, when this service is performed correctly. Our focus at Oriental Rug Care is to provide excellent care to your home and rugs and keeping our solid reputation in this industry strong. We take pride in what we do and bring plenty of knowledge and guidance when it comes to expensive rugs. Rugs are like babies they need a gentle care sometimes that only hand washing can provide. Seeing your rugs clean and restored back to life again will bring you satisfaction.

Oriental Rug Care NY will professionally hand wash your rugs and provide a delicate, professional deep cleaning.  Removing stains and odors while still assuring your rug is not harmed. Hand washed rug services are usual performed on expensive and valuable rugs. If you own a Oriental rug that needs repair, restoration or expert appraisal we are here to guide you.

Using this hand wash method you can assure that your rugs are clean. With regular washing and cleaning of your rugs, you can prolong their life.

Oriental Rug Care NY specializes in hand cleaning and repairing machine made rugs, silk rugs, wool rugs, antique rugs, all Oriental rugs and premier cleaning on Chinese, Persian and Turkish. Call us today with any questions and we will be glad to assist you in the right direction.


For more information about our hand washed rug process or any type of repairs call us today 212-585-1900

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