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Natural Rug Cleaning Techniques

Oriental Rug Care NY-Natural and Organic Rug Cleaning Techniques

A dirty carpet carries a wide variety of bacteria, dust mites and other illness inducing filth. Cleaning your rugs on a regular basis eliminates a number of health risks. But how can you clean your carpet without using dangerous chemicals?

1. Suck The Dirt Away

Simply brushing away dirt that has collected on the surface of the rug or carpet will not clean it sufficiently. Dust and dust mites that have made their home deep in the fibers of the carpet need to be sucked away.

Vacuuming your carpets regularly will eliminate dirt that has settled deep down. Choose a vacuum that has a high suction power that will suck away dirt right down to the underlay. Some types of thick pile carpets may require brushing before vacuuming to loosen dirt that has become trapped.

2. NYC Steam Cleaning or professional hand wash service

Using steam to clean your rugs and carpets is a great way to get out heavy dirt and stained areas but our NYC hand washing service is probably the best natural means to remove stains and dirt that cannot be vacuumed and sucked away. It is advisable to steam or hand scrub carpets at least once a year. But depending on the amount of traffic in certain areas and how often your carpets get dirty, you may require more regular cleanings by a pro carpet service. For example, a household with pets and young children may require carpets to be cleaned more often.

You can choose to have your carpets steam-cleaned professionally but make sure you use a recommended professional like Oriental Rug Care NY. We can provide excellent customer care and provide you with very valuable knowledge about your carpets or rugs and inform you what proper cleaning technique is needed.

Keep in mind that steam cleaning can leave carpets soaked and you will need to avoid stepping on them until they have dried completely. It is advisable to steam clean in the summer months and leave doors and windows open to expedite the drying process.

3. Getting Rid Of Stubborn Stains

The most common stains are caused by spills and pet accidents. You should clean up a spill as soon as possible, before it has a chance to dry which will make it more difficult to remove. The fact is that most people put immediate cleaning off for as long as possible which means that you will need to use some products to remove the stain effectively.

There are a few organic and environmentally friendly carpet cleaners available on the market that are safe for use in the home. Oriental Rug Care will apply organic and natural solution not harmful shampoos.

Combining vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and water in a spray bottle is a great natural overall household cleaner and will remove some stains from your carpets. However, the effectiveness of this cleaning solution is dependent on the type of stain and the person removing the stain. One of our experienced technicians can assure you that we will remove deep stains and not harm your rug.

Red wine is customarily difficult to clean away. Liberally dousing the spill with salt before it dries draws the liquid and the stain out of the carpet. Pet urine and other odors can be combated by adding a little natural fragrance to your cleaning solution. If you have deep stains and odors and want to consult with an expert please give us a call today. Oriental Rug Care in NYC has over 30 years of experience in the rug cleaning and repair business.

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