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Rug Fringing Repair NYC

Rug Fringing Repair service in New York City 

As time progresses, your rugs will start to accumulate more and more damage. The damage will not be noticeable at first, but give it a few years more and you will start seeing the difference. Hence, it is important to give it periodical check and maintenance. If an unraveled rug fringe has been discovered, this should be immediately repaired.  This is where we come in at Oriental Rug Care NY. Our experience and reputation speaks for itself when it comes to rug cleaning and restoration.

How is the repair done? First and foremost, if the rug is machine made, then the rug fringe is either glued or sewn. In such case, the rug fringe can be easily pulled off and simply stuck back or stitched on. However, if the rug is handmade, this involves a more difficult repair process.  Hand made rugs are valuable and require precise and detailed attention.

The foundation (wrap and weft) of every rug is composed of several materials like silk, jute, cotton or linen. The fringe is part of the foundation and the appropriate material should be utilized for every rug. With the help of a master crafter, he will assess the damage and then based on the discovered damage, he will determine if the rug fringes can be embedded into the original knot. If the rug’s woven section have unraveled over the fringes up to the rug’s foundation, then the entire section will be re-weaved. Apart from fringes, the rug’s edges should be exactly secured in order to protect the rug’s foundation.

Why Should the Rug Be Cleaned Prior to Repair?

It is vital that the rug should be first cleaned prior to repair, except for scenarios wherein a rug necessitates to be secured within the damaged portion prior to wash. In such case, those portions like big cracks or tears are switched in such a manner that will protect the rug fiber and will support the rug altogether.

In a case of decaying fiber, a momentary backing for the rug before washing is added to lessen further breakdown. This is a vital step for washing particular antique rugs as well. A stable backing is utilized for rugs, when after repair and wash have been done, still has a weak structure and fragile fiber. The other benefits of washing the rug before repair include:

  • Bring out the real colors of the rug which ensures that the new repair and weave is a correct match of the tones and colors of the fiber.
  • Avoid additional damage to the surrounding dried up portion once a craftsman attempts to penetrate a needle into the weak fiber.
  • Get rid of moth-damaged rugs of all implanted moth eggs.


Oriental Rug Care NY will provide professional Rug Fringing Repair for You?

We are masters at rug repairs with three generations of experience and knowldege.  Our expert re-fringing service will bring back your rugs original beauty. If you require other rug services like weaving, re-dying and patching, we  are capable and skilled to do so as well. Leave the work to us. Simply wait until your rug comes back to you, looking like the original condition once again.

For more information about rug fringing repairs call us today 212-585-1900

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