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Rug Over Casting NYC

Rug Over Casting service in New York City – Oriental Rug Care NY

If you are fond of decorating your home and making it more appealing and inviting, you have probably invested on rugs and carpets. You can actually experiment and decorate every corner of you house with rugs. These can actually increase the visual appeal of your home and can make everyone feel good. These also add charm and warmth to every room. Let your precious and beautiful rugs and carpets define your interior now.

There are many different types of rugs that come in different styles and designs now. Most of them are noted for being extravagantly stylish. Modern rugs are crafted using top quality materials to give individuals high durability. Rugs can embellish your room in the following ways:

  • Rugs can be used to separate areas of the home.
  • Rugs can complement the style and look of your interior and can create pleasing effects
  • Attractively colored rugs can turn your home into a perfect place through colorful and attractive styling.
  • Rugs can be centers of attractions that capture the interest and attention of visitors.


Ways to Take Care of your Rugs

Washing and cleaning the rugs are the common ways of taking care and maintaining your rugs’ condition. Aside from these there are other rug cleaning procedures that individuals can consider depending on the type of rugs and the required cleaning or repairing procedures. Individuals are lucky enough because there are numerous companies that are now delivering wide range of restoration services. These services commonly include reweaving, rewrapping, rebuilding corners and edges and over casting.

Over casting Stitch Locks

Over casting or stitch lock is where threads are being run in between each or every few depending on the warp thread. Then it is run up and above into the next most stable weft thread in order to stop the fringes of the rug from fraying to the rug stopping this from losing the pile. Oriental Rug Care provides this type of repair and restoration for all types of rugs.

The right overcast done by hand alongside the end part of the rug will then fasten the knots and put them together in place so that they won’t slide off the warps. Keep in mind that stitches that are poorly executed can lead to tension inconsistency which further results to added knots that are unraveling from rugs.

A minimum of one inch of the original exposed warps or fringe tassel is required for proper overcast stitch. This is ideal in order to obtain one steady row of knots attaching together starting from left to right. This greatly means that rugs should be evened out prior to preparing for overcast stitch. If the right conditions and overcastting procedures are met, you can expect for superior results.

Over casting, along with other rug repair and restoration services will surely extend the lifespan of your rugs. You can also consider seeking the help of professionals so that you will be delivered with outstanding results. In order for your rugs to show off their charm and make your space more appealing, it is just right to maintain and clean these on regular basis.

With over 30 years of experience Oriental Rug Care NY can help make a difference while educating you when it comes to hand washing, preserving and fixing carpets and rugs. Let an expert give you piece of mind knowing your rugs are in the hands of a professional.

For more information about rug over casting and repairs call us today 212-585-1900


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