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Sofa Cleaning

Friday, June 12th, 2015

At Oriental Rug Care NY, our services are also extended to sofas. We value anything that is used in living for comfort. Now let’s talk about a particular sofa that’s booming today, the microfiber sofa. Microfiber sofas are currently in style because they provide trouble-free maintenance. More and more, residents are slipping in microfiber sofas into their décor. However, there are still others who prefer to go with the usual types, and the problem with these types is that they are easily stained. It’s either you hire for sofa cleaning or purchase the microfiber sofa. Microfiber is the tiniest synthetic fiber that was ever created. A single strand is one hundred times better than a human hair. It is very trendy because fabrics created from microfiber are lightweight, soft, and easy to clean. Moreover, the fibers leave no dust, so it’s wise to buy such sofa for allergy victims. These fibers are used to produce clothing, polishing cloths, cleaning cloths, and all types of equipment including sofas; so cleaning a microfiber sofa should not be a hard process. But if you still don’t want to buy this one, and then hire a sofa cleaning expert to take care of your problem. Now at Oriental Rug Care NY, we know how to take care of your home needs – from rugs to sofas. That is why if you’re looking for the best sofa cleaning service, then call Carpet and Rug Care in New York. We have been in business for the past 37 years and we boast of a comprehensive background that is based on hard work. Oriental Rug Care NY in Astoria, New York offer only the highest quality service for both home and business properties. Our company is duly licensed and insured. Our excellent services include carpet and rug dyeing, stain and odor removal, carpet and rug cleaning, rug and carpet repair, sofa cleaning and repair. In addition, you won’t have to worry about anything because our technicians are highly skilled and certified for service after concentrated preparation and close supervision of the field. Try out our services and find out just how we give extra care and attention to all our customers’ needs and requests. Try our services and you’ll realize that hiring us is the best move you have ever made.

Furniture Cleaning

Friday, June 12th, 2015

The furniture in our home is considered a form of decorative art. Whether it is made of fabric, plastic, wood and metal, it has served its purpose in many ways. So imagine when you spilled milk or soda on your favorite sofa and left a stain on it; or imagine finding out one day that there are white spots on your priceless antique wooden furniture. This is where furniture cleaning comes in. Although there are many furniture cleaning tips available online and on television, would you really entrust the care of your priced possessions in the hands of non-professionals? Proper care entails longer use. With the utilization of the right methods in cleaning your furniture, you are guaranteed that your furniture will be kept looking beautiful and durable at the same time, all the time. There is absolutely no problem if you clean your furniture yourself. Although being uncertain about what products to use and not applying the proper techniques in furniture cleaning will only further the damage on your furniture. Proper care and cleaning are important aspects in keeping the pieces in good condition. There are many methods applicable in furniture cleaning. However, each kind of furniture, such as painted, wood, leather, upholstered, wicker and cane furniture have different cleaning methods. There are certain cleaning products that cannot be used consistently for each kind of furniture, and there are techniques in furniture cleaning that are not really applicable to one and the other. So if you have invested on expensive furniture such as antiques, it is best that you leave their special needs to expert furniture cleaners. New York’s Oriental Rug Care NY provide the highest quality service to both residential and commercial properties in the community and in the Tri-State area. Oriental Rug Care NY offer services other than rug and carpet cleaning. As a customer, you are assured that the furniture cleaning services rendered by this highly respected carpet cleaning company in New York are known for their reputation in keeping a high standard of professionalism. Aside from this, our company’s technicians went through intensive training to qualify for service. The companies guarantee personal attention for each of their customer’s special needs. So, call now and try out our services. Be one of our many satisfied customers!

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