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Persian Rug Cleaners in Brooklyn, NY

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

Persian Rug Cleaners in Brooklyn, NY

Persian Rug Cleaning

A Persian rug is a type of oriental rug that is made in Iran. Rug making is an integral part of Iranian art and Persian culture. These wool rugs are characterized for having elaborate and beautiful designs.

Tips on how to care for and clean a Persian rug

A quality Persian rug can last for many decades. However, some basic care and cleaning is needed to help it stay looking its very best. The following are a few tips to help you properly care for your rug.

Rotate the rug. This will help to avoid any one area getting excessive wear. Rotate the rug every 2-6 months.

Avoid direct sunlight. This will cause the dyes in the rug to fade.

Vacuum on a regular basis. This will help to prevent the rug fibers from becoming matted and remove debris and dirt.

Spot clean. In case of a stain or spill, blot any excess liquid using a paper towel or cloth. If necessary loosen the stain using a small amount of club soda. Do not use cleaners such as detergents or soap since that can damage the rug’s fibers. I highly recommend you contact local Brooklyn Persian rug cleaner to get expert guidance.

Cleaning your Persian rug.

It is generally recommended to hire a professional to clean your Persian rug since they will have the experience and access to superior cleaning products and techniques to clean your rug properly. At Oriental Rug Care NY we take pride in our work and have been servicing Brooklyn, New York for many years.

To clean your own rug, do the following:

– Vacuum both sides of the rug well.

– Shampoo the rug using a rug shampoo or mild liquid soap and cool water (do not use a strong detergent). First, test for any color run on a small area. Use a non-shedding, firm sponge, or long haired, soft brush. Firmly brush the pile in the same direction as nap, but do not scrub too vigorously. Also wash the fringes.

– Thoroughly rinse the rug with water.

– Squeeze any excess water out. You can use a rubber window squeegee. Continue to squeegee the pile in the same direction as the rug’s nap until all of the water is forced out.

– Lay the rug flat to dry. Turn over and dry the other side.

– Lightly vacuum or brush gently if the rug’s pile is stiff.

Professional Brooklyn Persian Rug Cleaning

As a professional Persian rug cleaner we have the experience, specialized procedures, equipment and cleaning supplies to thoroughly and safely clean your Persian rug.

Here is the general process that a professional rug cleaner will follow:

1. Pre-cleaning inspection

The rug will be thoroughly inspected to assess the rug’s condition and identify any fragile, damaged or heavily stained areas.

2. Dust

The rug will be thoroughly dusted to remove all dust and debris.

3. Pre-Conditioning

Any heavily stained or soiled areas will have a professional grade solution applied to pre-condition these problem areas.

4. Rinse

Removes the pre-condition solution.

5. Hand wash

Your rug will then be hand washed by a professional rug cleaner. A professional grade cleaning solution will be used.

6. Ringer

A ringing machine is used to eliminate all excess water

7. Dried

Your rug will be dried in a climate controlled room.

8. Grooming

Your Persian rug will be brushed and groomed to ensure the pile of the rug looks its best.

Persian rug cleaning is as much an art as it is a science. You can clean your own rug but a professional that services your Brooklyn area will have the experience, expertise and specialized equipment and cleaning solutions to do a thorough, safe and professional job.Give us a call today. We offer free estimates and pick up and delivery service. Either way, make sure to properly care and clean your Persian rug so that continues to look beautiful for many years to come.

Persian Rug Cleaning

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Finding a Good Persian Rug Cleaner In several cultures, the Persian rug is extremely valuable. Having a Persian rug, however, requires good maintenance. Proper Persian rug maintenance is vital if you want it to last for years to come. The first thing that you will want to do from this day forward is to find a good Persian rug cleaners ny. There are many rug cleaners located in New York City, the five boroughs and Long Island …But not every rug cleaner specializes in Persian rugs or Oriental rugs. It is recommended that you hire a Persian rug cleaners ny on a regular basis (every 6 months). In between cleanings, there are a few helpful tips to use:

  1. Thoroughly vacuum your rug to get rid of dirt and dust.
  2. Use three tablespoons of dish liquid in about a gallon of water.
  3. Make sure you use a sponge and scrub your rug gently. Avoid scrubbing hard at all costs.
  4. Purchase a bristle brush and use it in your soap water and gently brush away the dirt.
  5. Then make sure that you completely rinse your rug. You can hose down your rug to rinse out. You can also use your shower head to get rid of the soap.
  6. Then lay your rug flat until it is dry and then turn it over to dry the opposite side as well.
  7. When your rug is completely dry, then vacuum it once more.

The process of preserving your Persian rug is simple. There is one important piece of good advice to remember when taking your Persian rug cleaners ny, make sure you only take your rug to a company who has experience in fine rug cleaning. As mentioned in previous articles, it is more cost-effective to take your Persian rug cleaners ny that has experience in proper rug cleaning. You may also want to ask a Persian rug cleaners ny for additional advice on how to care for your rug on your own. Some Persian rug cleaners ny will not want to volunteer this piece of information for fear of losing business. However, a Persian rug cleaners ny such as Oriental Rug Care NY, value their customers wouldn’t mind sharing this information for you. Persian rug cleaners ny will make house calls and many will even come to your place of business for rug cleaning. There are Persian rug cleaners ny who will come to your home or business at no additional charge. Before you transact business with a Persian rug cleaners ny, you must verify that they have years of experience in fine rug cleaning or Oriental rug cleaning. Oriental Rug Care NY has years of expertise and they have the technology to properly clean you’re your Persian rug. This particular Persian rug cleaners ny offers a host of services and they will even trade your vintage Persian rug for another rug. You can contact the company directly for an estimate. They even offer 24 hour emergency cleaning service which is needed at some point in every rug owner’s life.


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