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My Rug Got Wet – Dealing with Water Damage

Friday, June 12th, 2015

So, you may have noticed that all or part of your carpet or rug got wet. How do you deal with it? The first thing to do is try to identify where the water is coming from. It will not do any good to take care of the water on the rug if the source the water is not handled first. The next step is to begin the process of drying out your rug or carpet. Depending on the amount of water in the carpet, you may be able to simply put a rug down and step on it a few times. (more…)

Rug got Wet – what should i do?

Friday, June 12th, 2015

What to Do if Your Rug Got Wet: Water Damage in NYC Most Oriental rugs feature wool pile, with a good many having cotton warp and weft as well. This material forms a foundation for the carpet. Water damage from a carpet being repeatedly wet without proper drying or water removal can weaken this cotton foundation, resulting in rotting or permanent damage. So what can you do if one day you discover that your priceless rug got wet? Sounds unlikely? It isn’t. One of the most common causes when you discover that your rug got wet is potted plants. If the plant was watered on a frequent basis, and the pot leaked, this could cause the rug area beneath to constantly be wet. The damage can be seen within days after the rug got wet. In a matter of weeks, the water damage could be so severe after a rug got wet that the foundation rips apart by hand. The sad thing is that it is often too late once you have discovered that your rug got wet. Many of the situations that could result after your rug got wet could be prevented. This can often be prevented with the use of plant stands or similar items – anything that will keep the potted plant off of the floor and off your rug. If you can’t keep the plant off the floor, then take care to make sure the rug is dry after watering the plants. You shouldn’t wait until after the rug got wet to worry about prevention. Another common cause of water damage in NYC occurs in basements or other areas located in lower levels of the home. A basement flood has heavy potential for damages. If your rug got wet due to such a flood, you must act quickly to prevent water damage from being permanent. The carpet must first be removed from the area where the rug got wet. Then, care must be taken to clean the carpet and allow the carpet to dry completely, regardless of how much or how little the rug got wet. Allowing a rug that got wet to sit on a damp floor can encourage the growth of bacteria and mold, which can allow for further destruction of your priceless investment’s weft and foundation. One way to spot damage caused when a rug got wet is to examine it by touch. Rugs which have undergone water damage often feel stiff, and aren’t flexible when bent. If your rug got wet due to flooding or a leak, you will be able to tell by its texture. A rug that got wet is difficult to fold or roll, so much so that when creased the rug makes a popping or cracking sound as the warp and weft fibers break. If you’ve recently discovered that your rug got wet or has sustained other water damage in NYC, Oriental Rug Care NY can help! We offer state of the art services to treat rugs or carpets that sustain water damage, in NYC and in surrounding areas. Rest assured that if you find yourself in a position where your carpet or rug got wet, we can provide immediate assistance to help you minimize the damage, using the latest restoration techniques.

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