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Carpet Repair – Types of Repair Services

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Even the most careful households may find that they are in need of carpet repair at some point. Whether you have snagged your rug, spilled something on it, or have burned it, you can give a team of experts a call to find out more information about what can be done to repair your rug safely and efficiently. It’s helpful to first take a look at the types of repair services that are generally offered by these professionals, however, so that you have a deeper understanding of what can and cannot be fixed. The repair methods used may depend on the type of material your carpet is constructed from, as well as its age and what the specific damage is. (more…)

Rug Reweaving – Is it Necessary to Call an Expert?

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Rug repair is something that is complex and generally best left to professionals. It is possible, however, that a homeowner with a few tools and a good eye for detail can repair some minor damage himself without having to turn to a professional. Of course, if the rug in question is valuable then it may be a better alternative to leave rug reweaving to individuals with the experience necessary to do the job right without lessening the value. If the rug has an intricate pattern that is hard to match, it may again be a job best left to the experts. (more…)

Antique Restoration Tapestry Rugs New York

Friday, June 12th, 2015

If you are the proud owner of an antique tapestry rug, you know that periodic restoration is essential to making sure that it stays as beautiful as it was when it was first made.  Antique restoration of tapestry rugs is a job that cannot be given to just any New York carpet cleaner.  Antique restoration of tapestry rugs requires a great deal of knowledge and experience in specific restoration techniques.  A job like this should not be attempted by anyone without this expertise.  Fortunately, the experts at Oriental Rug Care NY are leaders in antique restoration of tapestry rugs in New York.  We will restore your antique tapestry rugs with amazing results, and nothing is more important to us than your complete and total satisfaction.


Rug got Wet – what should i do?

Friday, June 12th, 2015

What to Do if Your Rug Got Wet: Water Damage in NYC Most Oriental rugs feature wool pile, with a good many having cotton warp and weft as well. This material forms a foundation for the carpet. Water damage from a carpet being repeatedly wet without proper drying or water removal can weaken this cotton foundation, resulting in rotting or permanent damage. So what can you do if one day you discover that your priceless rug got wet? Sounds unlikely? It isn’t. One of the most common causes when you discover that your rug got wet is potted plants. If the plant was watered on a frequent basis, and the pot leaked, this could cause the rug area beneath to constantly be wet. The damage can be seen within days after the rug got wet. In a matter of weeks, the water damage could be so severe after a rug got wet that the foundation rips apart by hand. The sad thing is that it is often too late once you have discovered that your rug got wet. Many of the situations that could result after your rug got wet could be prevented. This can often be prevented with the use of plant stands or similar items – anything that will keep the potted plant off of the floor and off your rug. If you can’t keep the plant off the floor, then take care to make sure the rug is dry after watering the plants. You shouldn’t wait until after the rug got wet to worry about prevention. Another common cause of water damage in NYC occurs in basements or other areas located in lower levels of the home. A basement flood has heavy potential for damages. If your rug got wet due to such a flood, you must act quickly to prevent water damage from being permanent. The carpet must first be removed from the area where the rug got wet. Then, care must be taken to clean the carpet and allow the carpet to dry completely, regardless of how much or how little the rug got wet. Allowing a rug that got wet to sit on a damp floor can encourage the growth of bacteria and mold, which can allow for further destruction of your priceless investment’s weft and foundation. One way to spot damage caused when a rug got wet is to examine it by touch. Rugs which have undergone water damage often feel stiff, and aren’t flexible when bent. If your rug got wet due to flooding or a leak, you will be able to tell by its texture. A rug that got wet is difficult to fold or roll, so much so that when creased the rug makes a popping or cracking sound as the warp and weft fibers break. If you’ve recently discovered that your rug got wet or has sustained other water damage in NYC, Oriental Rug Care NY can help! We offer state of the art services to treat rugs or carpets that sustain water damage, in NYC and in surrounding areas. Rest assured that if you find yourself in a position where your carpet or rug got wet, we can provide immediate assistance to help you minimize the damage, using the latest restoration techniques.

Wool Rug Repair

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Wool Rug Repair the Correct Way Whether you need an existing wool rug repair service or you need a rug repaired that you purchased from a vintage Oriental rug shop, there is a right and wrong way of repairing a rug. It is highly recommended that you have a professional like Oriental Rug Care NY because if your wool rug is not repaired the right way, you can cause serious damage. If your rug needs quick repair, there are a few tricks of the trade. Often times a wool rug repair is needed when the binding tape of the rug begins to wear. Then there are times when wool rug repair is needed when a house pet pulls on the rug, this can cause it to loosen. You can actually do wool rug repair on your own, however, it can be time consuming and a bit tedious. Wool rug repair can be done with a hot glue gun as well. However, if you don’t have time for wool rug repair, don’t neglect getting it repaired, consider hiring a professional wool rug repair company to fix it for you. If you decide on wool rug repair on your own, make sure you thoroughly vacuum your rug first. This will get rid of all the dirt and grime that may be imbedded in your rug. You can also use club soda to help loosen up grim within your rug. When using this particular wool rug repair method, make sure you spot clean the area. Avoid rubbing the area that needs to be cleaned to avoid wool rug repair damage. Try the following wool rug repair steps:

  1. For wool rug repair, make sure that you carefully clip the unraveled edges of your rug with upholstery scissors. For wool rug repair, you should consider using a seam ripper in order to remove the threads from the actual binding. This will give it a more professional look. You will want to avoid using regular scissors or a razor if all possible.
  1. The next step for wool rug repair is to simply bring the binding that’s damaged to the local fabric store. Then ask the sales representative to help you find binding tape that matches as close as possible to the original .
  1. Then you will need to fold over the binding take around the edge of the wool rug in order to match your current binding. Take a couple of straight pins in order to hold the binding together for your wool rug repair.
  1. Now comes the easy part. All you have to do is press down the binding with an iron. You will want to form a nice crease around the edge of your binding. This gives your wool rug repair a professional look.
  1. The next and final step is to connect the binding with a needle and thread. For wool rug repair you can also use a hot glue gun if you prefer. When sewing your binding, you will need to match your stitches on the remainder of your wool rug. Then when you’re finished with your wool rug repair, don’t forget to remove the pins.

As you can see from the wool rug repair steps above, wool rug repair is not as complicated as one may think. As mentioned previously, if you prefer, you can hire a professional for wool rug repair rather than attempting wool rug repair on your own.

Rug Repair

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Having trouble assessing rug repair? As a tip for rug owners out there, assessing your rug problem is vital for you to know how you can fix it. Though it’s a simple concept, it is still important to remember that before you attempt to repair the rug, you are able to identify the type of problem that you have. First, you have the common spills, stains and other foreign obstructions. There are two kinds of spills. Organic spills, like drinks or food, pet stool or urine. Human urine can also be spilled on your upholstery, especially if you have a child who has yet to learn how to pee in the potty. Then there are chemical spills like ink; this type of spill demands cautious cleaning because it can damage the sensitive fibers of the fabric. Rotting is the type of damage that requires the services of a professional rug repair company. Rotten areas are usually the worn-out areas that look scruffy. Water or flood damage can leave rugs dull and blunt. If that rug has been drenched in flood water, it can evoke a reeking smell. This is one of the worst types of rug damages because its scent can leave a distinctive stink in your home. Another common rug problem is pest issues, especially from moths. The moths can leave evident damages in your rug due to the fact that it is a common nesting ground for their larva, and this pretty site can lead to other types of rug problem like holes and tears. Tears, holes and rips can also be huge problems for your rugs. The damage is evident. However, these are easy to fix. All that is needed is for you to call on the services if a rug reweaving specialist. Remember never to put faith in just anyone; it takes time to attain the needed experience to know the appropriate construction and method required to match this type of rug repair. If you need proper and safe rug repair, call Oriental Rug Care NY. Our 37 years in the business is proof of our long line of satisfied customers. Our service is centered on making sure that our customers get what they want, thus, we have only the best professionals in rug and carpet repair. Call us now and keep your rugs in tip-top condition for years!

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