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Moth Rug Proofing

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Spectacular Oriental rugs need moth rug proofing. Moth rug proofing is a treatment that is used on Oriental rugs so that these nasty bugs do not create a home for themselves in your carpet. Moth rug proofing will conserve the beauty of your carpet. Moths deteriorate your rugs because they eat away at the rug fibers because they are attracted to food, milk, sweat, spin, urine and any other type of liquid that has found its way to your carpet. Even if you do not think that moth rug proofing is necessary, it is. You may have not urinated on your carpet, but your pet may have. You should keep in mind that moth rug proofing is a common characteristic of taking care of your Oriental rug. Cleaning the Carpet for Moth Rug Proofing The first step in moth rug proofing is to eliminate the dirt and stains that have been attracting moths. Having a moth rug proofing professional clean your rugs is always an excellent idea, such as the moth rug proofing specialists, Oriental Rug Care NY. If moth rug proofing is done on a regular basis then you will not have to worry about moths invading and deteriorating your carpet. If you have not been moth rug proofing then take out the vacuum cleaner and perform your normal cleaning routine as your first step in moth rug proofing. Carpets may seem clean on the exterior, but you never know what is living in the creases and crevices or your carpet which means moth rug proofing is necessary. The only proven way to get rid of moths from carpets is by using a moth rug proofing liquid application that kills moths. Rugs are most affected by moth activity which is why moth rug proofing needs to happen. This moth rug proofing liquid solution will place your moth problem under utter control. What about moth rug proofing the Eggs and Pupa? Not only do you have to look out for the moths during moth rug proofing but also the eggs and pupa. With your moth rug proofing solution, you need to cover the top side, reverse side and edges of your oriental rug. Since the moth rug proofing solution does not kill eggs and pupa you need to maintain the problem in another way. This moth rug proofing method is by using a growth regulator such as the moth rug proofing Nylar which will control the egg and pupa situation. Using moth rug proofing Adulticides Adulticides are also used for moth rug proofing. This moth rug proofing adulticides are odorless products that help your rug not harm it. You can spray on the moth rug proofing adulticide which helps you to cover the entire Oriental rug surface and not miss a spot while moth rug proofing. Your Oriental rug will continue to be infected if you do not spray this moth rug proofing adulticide on every inch of the carpet. Use a professional moth rug proofing service like Oriental Rug Care NY to effectively treat your carpets every 12 to 18 months, to prevent moths.

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