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Rug Cleaners

Friday, June 12th, 2015

One of the excellent ways of maintaining your rug is by doing daily vacuuming and immediate cleaning up when there are spills. There are several kinds of rug cleaners. Here are some of the items used for cleaning rugs: *One type of rug cleaner is the powder-based method. This is used by spreading it on the carpet and then leaving it there for a couple of minutes before being vacuumed. The substance draws the dust and other tiny obstructions out of the carpet. It acts as a magnet that is used for deep cleaning. *The second type is the rug shampoo. It’s the most ordinary and at the same time, the least efficient rug cleaner. The shampoo is disseminated throughout the fabric and is dried first before the vacuum process. Shampoos contain retardants that fend off dust, keeping carpets clean for a long time. The disadvantage of using a rug shampoo is the fact that it’s impractical in terms of time because it only cleans a little area at a time. Furthermore, bathing the fabric can damage the carpet. *The next type of rug cleaner is the foam. It is one of the most effective cleaners and it capable of picking up tiny obstructions and all sort of dirt entrenched in the carpet or rug. The foam is also divided into two types: foam for home purposes and foam for professional purposes. The first foam can be melded with water and then applied to the fabric by hand. Once the foam is dried out, the substance will solidify into powder that can be simply vacuumed. The second foam type is placed in a device and brushed intensely into the rug. *Another type of rug cleaner is the bonnet cleaner, or a spin pad, or carbonated shampoo cleaner. The rubbing of the pad against the surface of the rug gathers dirt. However, the bonnet cleaner is ineffective when it comes to deep penetration. Because of this weakness, it’s not good for rugs with long loops. *Finally, the most meticulous method of all carpet cleaning; steam cleaning. Ironically, steam is not used; instead, hot water is sprayed to weaken dirt while a vacuuming wand takes in the dirt. These are just some of the rug cleaners used by Oriental Rug Care NY. If you want to get your rug cleaned, call as at Oriental Rug Care NY now. With 37 years of experience in the business, we know how to keep our customers satisfied. We are simply good in giving our customers what they need. Talk to us and we’ll help you sort out your rug cleaning problems!

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