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Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Does Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning Get the Job Done? It’s a fairly common problem. You’ve got stained, soiled, or otherwise just dirty carpets in your home, but you’re wary of some of the popular modern methods, especially non-toxic carpet cleaning methods. So, does non-toxic carpet cleaning really remove tough stains? Yes, non-toxic carpet cleaning is not only a powerful stain remover, it is eco-friendly. Unfortunately, there are still some potentially harmful carpet cleaning products that are available in the marketplace. These products are not only harmful to humans, they continue to do serious damage to the environment that we live in. Although the manufacturers of these harmful products claim that they are not harmful – they are after years and years of repeated use. The fact is that many of the products used for cleaning today are potentially damaging to one’s health. Often when people have a stain or a smell on a rug their first impulse is to reach for that bottle of chemical cleaner to ‘cover up’ the problem, while simultaneously introducing potentially toxic chemicals into their living space. Fortunately, there are alternatives such as hiring a professional to clean your carpet who utilizes non-toxic cleaning products. Non-toxic Carpet Cleaning on a Budget You can also use a few non-toxic carpet cleaning tricks that you can do in between professional carpet cleaning. These are tried and true non-toxic carpet cleaning methods, many of the ingredients you probably already have at home: -Good Old Vinegar non-toxic carpet cleaning: Mix together equal parts vinegar and water and spread or spray on the carpet. Let it sit for a few minutes before sponging with warm water and soap. This is particularly effective for spots or stains. -Do the Prep Work: Before shampooing, try sprinkling corn starch or baking/washing soda on your carpet and then vacuum thoroughly. This will actually save you work and supplies when you’re doing the “wet clean”. This is a very popular non-toxic carpet cleaning method. – Make Your Own Non-toxic Carpet Cleaning Regimen: If you take a quarter cup of liquid soap (vegetable-based), a small amount of water, and then shake it together in a jar or other covered container, you’ve just prepared your own non-toxic carpet cleaner at home! Spread it on the stained area and rinse well for results comparable to some of the best chemical sprays. For those who wish to have their large carpet or Oriental rug cleaned professionally, there are a couple of really effective non-toxic carpet cleaning options as well. All you have to do is get in touch with a professional carpet cleaning service such as Oriental Rug Care NY. In addition to non-toxic carpet cleaning services Oriental Rug Car NY; they also provide water and fire damage restoration, upholstery cleaning and much more. As you can see, non-toxic carpet cleaning is not as complex as many people make it out to be. You’re not only keeping your carpet clean and toxic free, you are also contributing to saving the environment from harmful chemicals in the atmosphere and the reservoirs.

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