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Pet Urine Carpet Removal New York

Saturday, October 8th, 2016

Oriental Rug Care NY offers expertise when it comes to pet stain and odor removal services in New York City. Our years of experience in this industry we understand

Pet Urine In Your Rug Or Carpet Facts

Pet urine does not stay on the surface of your carpet but penetrates deep into the fibers of the carpet so a rag, towel or sponge will not be the solution in lifting this away. Many times a carpet with padding beneath will absorb the pet urine all the way through and even stain wood floors beneath the layer of padding.
The urine odor can be very strong and linger throughout your home or apartment if it does not get properly removed and cleaned. The odors also will permanently be in your home held deep in the carpet fibers and anything else the urine had absorbed into. Do not worry if you overwhelmed and stuck in this situation we are here to help.

Best Carpet Pet Urine Cleaning Services in NYC

Your pet is one of the best parts of your life, and that’s a given, but what about the mess they make? What if they get urine all over the carpet? What are you going to do about it? You can’t let the stench fill the rooms of your house as that is not a pleasant experience to deal with.

You will have a few options that can be used when it comes to pet urine. The best and most professional solution is to choose a professional pet urine cleaning service to do the job for you like Oriental Rug Care NY.

We Remove All Odor

The first thing you’re going to notice with urine is the odor. It is going to be awful. It will spill into everything, and you won’t be able to breathe without getting a whiff of it. Is that what you want to deal with? Most people will want to take action right away. This is where our service is proven to help with pet urine is good.

You will not only get rid of the visual presence of urine, but the lingering odor as well. It will not seep into your nostrils any longer once the service puts its modern techniques to use. We will remove the pet urine staining after the odor removal.

Remove Bacteria From Urine

A significant amount of bacteria build-up is going to be a reality after your pet has sprayed urine all over the place. It is a ghastly sight, but also one that is bad for your health. It is important to take action and get rid of the urine and its presence as soon as you can. If you let things linger, you’re the one who is going to pay. You want to make sure the service specialist eradicates all signs of the sprayed urine. Once this is done, your house will be bacteria-free as needed.


If you have urine in the house, you will have one goal in mind, and that’s immediate removal. You won’t want the urine to sink in and do excessive damage. It is just like dropping any other fluid on the carpet or your furniture. You will want to take action right away.

This is why you want to call in the pros.

You will know the right solutions are going to be put to the test. This will save your time and make sure the solution is as quick as you want it to be. You will never have to worry about waiting.

Free Quote

If you’re looking to get a read on what it’s going to cost, you have to get a free quote as soon as possible. This is the right way to go about removing pet urine from your house. A free quote is going to give you a good read on what the market will offer. An excellent service is not only going to provide you a free quote, but it’s also going to make life easier for you in the long-term. It is smarter to make sure you get the quote right away before the urine sinks in and does more damage.

A pet urine carpet cleaning service is a must for those who are hoping to clean their property as soon as possible. You should not delay this as it’s going to smell awful and you won’t like the look of urine stains all over the place. Many people let this happen, and the results are often unappealing.

It is best to start with a high-grade solution that will make sure the urine is a thing of the past. You don’t have to let it get out of control as long as you call in a professional team.

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