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Carpet Cleaning NYC – About Dry Carpet Cleaning

Living in New York City brings with it a host of benefits, including the close proximity to Broadway theater, Wall Street finance, and Brooklyn pizza. However, something that can be a burden for homeowners is the moisture levels in the city. Because New York is located close to the Atlantic Ocean, it can be extremely humid in the summer months and cold, wet, and damp in the winter time. This can have an effect on carpets, which can become infested with mold and mildew if you are not careful. When you are going about the best method of carpet cleaning NYC, you might want to consider dry cleaning to avoid this. For dry carpet cleaning NYC, experts can use a range of different procedures to get the job done. Dry cleaning actually does use a small amount of moisture in most cases, but they require very little drying time, as opposed to more elaborate and less successful carpet shampooing.  To get started with this process, the cleaners will usually spray a pre-treatment or conditioner onto the carpet before using the dry cleaning system. These chemicals or other treatments can dissolve grease, oil, and other substances that could be lodged within the carpet. After spraying the treatment in place, it is usually left for about 15 minutes, after which time it will be brushed. Small hand brushes can be used to spread these dry compounds over the carpet so that you are sure to have an even distribution. After letting it sit for a set period of time, the powder can then be vacuumed up. This results in a carpet which is clean and dry. If you are using professional carpet cleaning NYC services, they will make use of machinery which can distribute these cleaning powders more efficiently than hand brushes are able to do. Another type of dry carpet cleaning NYC method that you might see used is called encapsulation. This is a way for polymers to crystallize, or encapsulate, soil particles on contact. They act in the same way that sponges do, to soak up any dirt that has leaked below the surface. As with the powder cleaners, they can then be vacuumed up to remove the dirt, soil, or grease from the carpet. No matter what type of chemical compound is used to get the job done, the best carpet cleaners are able to lift up any dirt and debris from your carpet without the use of moisture, preventing mold and mildew. Read About Tips for Finding Professional Carpet cleaners

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