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Green Carpet Cleaning

When you start using green carpet care, you’re not only helping to save the environment that you live in, you are also saving money. Many households with children or pets usually spend a lot of time and money with carpet cleaning. Often times, people will stock up on green carpet care products to maintain their carpet. There are many green carpet care techniques that you can use that doesn’t even require harsh chemicals or even non-toxic green carpet care products. You can use green carpet care tips on your wall-to-wall carpet or even an Oriental rug. With the exception of green carpet care products available, many of the carpet cleaning products that are available on the market are toxic and can cause harmful side effects in children and pets if it is used too often. The first thing that you may want to consider is ditching your old carpet, especially if you have pets. Urine stains will not only ruin a carpet, it can ruin the flooring underneath the carpeting as well …And no matter how many times you use green carpet care techniques or chemicals you use, if your carpet is saturated with animal urine, it is time to get rid of it. Green carpet car tips works best with moderate to very clean carpets. Green Carpet Care Cleaning Tips Even if you don’t have urine stains, old carpeting is often filled with bacteria, mold and dust-mites. One green carpet care tip to use, after installing your new carpet or even if you have decided to keep your current carpet, is to ask everyone to remove their shoes prior to walking onto your carpet. Make sure you use this green carpet care tip for your family and even your guest. Many people may not appreciate your green carpet care rule at first but at least it will help keep your carpet clean and dirt-free. If you have pets, one green carpet care tip to remember is to make sure you put down plastic or some sort of matting on the carpet to prevent urine and other stains. The next green carpet care tip to use for pets is to either leave them outdoors or place them in a separate section within your home to prevent damage to your carpet. Another great green carpet care tip to use is spot cleaning. When spills happen, don’t wait until several hours to clean it up — if you can help it. You can actually spot clean carpet with a light colored towel without using any kind of carpet cleaning chemicals. This green carpet care solution will also save you a bundle in carpet cleaning products. The next important green carpet care tip is to make sure that you do not scrub your carpet because this will damage and stain it. Just take a towel and spot clean to remove the stain. This is a good housekeeping favorite green carpet care tip. Green Carpet Care Tough Stain Removal Works! One green carpet care that is recommended for tough stains is to use club soda, especially for grape drink, cranberry juice or red wine stains. You will want to soak and pat the carpet stain until it is completely removed. Remember to use these green carpet care tips for your wall-to-wall carpet or Oriental rug and you will notice the difference in your carpet and your wallet!

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