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Moth Carpet Damage – Preventing Costly Damage

Carpets, especially antique Oriental rugs, can be virtually priceless and impossible to replace. This makes it even more aggravating when indiscriminate moths attack the fabric and destroy these items. The best way to deal with moth carpet damage is to take steps to prevent it from happening in the first place. Of course, if the damages have already been done, there are experts available who can repair antique rugs and carpets and keep the damage from these pests from completely ruining a family heirloom. Many individuals do not understand exactly how it is that moths do the kind of damage they are known for.Moth carpet damage is actually caused by the larvae of the moth, rather than the adults themselves. A moth will lay its eggs in the fabric of a carpet and it is these hatched larvae that eat the carpet to sustain themselves while they are growing. It can actually be all but impossible to spot a moth infestation until it is too late. Even one moth flying around the home should be warning enough for a person to take action in order to prevent damage to their Oriental rugs and carpets. The best way to prevent moth carpet damage is to regularly vacuum. This will prevent the larvae from devouring an individual’s carpets while on their journey to maturity. An individual should vacuum the entire carpet a minimum of once a week with a vacuum that has strong suction. Corners, fringes, in any part of the carpet that can provide a hiding place to the larva should have special attention paid to it. If possible, the entire rug should be flipped over and both sides should be vacuumed at least once a year. It may also be worthwhile to completely remove the rug and thoroughly vacuum, wash or steam clean the area underneath the carpet. There are specially designed insecticides that can be sprayed in a home to prevent moth carpet damage. If an individual is interested in using one of these types of pesticides, however, they should first try it in an inconspicuous area to ensure that it does not do any damage of its own. A rug that is going to be stored should be cleaned, rolled up tightly, and stored in a thick plastic bag. Rather than using offensive and strong smelling mothballs, a good alternative is to place cedar chips inside the bag with the rug. Read More About Moth Rug Damage Read More About Steam Carpet Cleaning

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