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Persian Binding NYC

Persian Binding and Repair on Rugs in New York City

There are many different types of rugs and many are designed and made in different countries such India, Iran (Persia), Nepal and Turkey, just to name a few. Although there are wide varieties of styles, patterns, designs and colors when it comes to rugs, the standard structure remains the same.

If you have the desire to make your home look more visually appealing, you need to consider adding décors that complement with your home’s interior looks and settings. If you are looking for a classic and charming appeal that captivates the eye, Oriental rugs can be a worthy and huge investment. Once you have invested on these rugs, be reminded that you are still responsible of maintaining these. In such case, Persian binding and fringe repair on rugs including Oriental rugs are smart options to take.

New York City Persian Binding Service on Oriental Persian Rugs

Persian binding is frequently demanded by rug owners to restore the condition of rugs including Oriental rugs and many other types. It pays to hire only the professional and reliable service provider to facilitate this job. That is why Oriental Rug Care NY takes pride in repairing and restoring all types of rugs. Our years of experience and dedication in the industry simply set us apart from the rest.

If you own a specific type of Persian rug you must keep in mind that providers that are incompetent and do not specialize on Persian binding will just tend to damage the shape, beauty and durability of your rugs with their ineffective and poor quality binding methods.

Our experts can perform this task more efficiently. They give close attention even to the smallest details of your rugs. In case the binding begins to loosen, the sides and corners of the carpet will also lose shortly. If this happens, you will find yourself paying for costly charges for rug restoration services. It would be best to make the right choice by opting for professional carpet or rug cleaning and maintenance services to retain your rugs’ brilliance and charisma.

Fringe Repair on Rugs

The fringes of your handmade Oriental Persian rugs serve as the base that the carpet is woven on top. Since fringes are the key element of your rug, you need to ensure that these get proper maintenance. There are various mistakes that individuals make in terms of caring for their precious rugs.

Some overly-cautious individuals heard that vacuuming their carpets and rugs will damage and then shorten the lifespan so they leave them for many years without cleaning and vacuuming. Other people are worried about fraying the fringes so they simply cut the fringes and have them properly bound. Worst, individuals opt for quick repairs and fixes trying to save money since the need to hire company with skills in proper restoration will be eliminated.

As soon as you noticed damaged or loose fringes, do not hesitate to make use of a NYC Persian Fringe Repair service for your rugs to get rid of expensive procedures. At Oriental Rug Care NY we are well known and come highly recommended, we can weave new fringes in your rugs or carpets. Fringe repair on rugs require skills and expertise for positive results. Though this task is somehow time-consuming and complicated, the results are worth the effort when you have a professional from Oriental Rug Care NY at your service.

Persian binding and fringe repair on rugs are procedures that overwhelm considerable numbers of individuals. Always choose to work with the experts because they capitalize on the best cleaning and repairing practices.

We have highly trained and dedicated team adhering to best and most proven and tested practices when delivering binding and fringe repair on rugs. With these, you are delivered with nothing but exceptional results.

For more information about Persian binding or rug fringing repairs call us today 212-585-1900

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