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Rug Cleaning New York – Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

One of the hottest crazes in New York is using green friendly cleaning products, from the Hudson Valley to the Hamptons. Whether you live in the Big Apple or in the surrounding countryside of the greater state, there are a number of rug cleaning New York methods that use ecologically friendly cleaning products. Using chemicals in residential cleaning has been linked to allergies, asthma, and a host of other health problems, so it’s worth looking at what is put in your home’s air. For example, ammonia is a common ingredient in many rug cleaners, but it can cause coughing, nose, and throat irritation for some people. Some other ingredients that you might see in rug cleaning products include chlorine, perchlorethylene and triclosan. These can all be toxic in large doses. While using them for a single rug cleaning New York is probably not a big deal, when you use them for every cleaning, it can have an accumulative effect and linger within your home. Studies are still being conducted to learn just what effects these various chemicals found in household cleansers have in the long term, but in the meantime there are alternatives to take a look at. Common household materials can serve as cleaning solutions, when you simply want to treat a mild stain at home. Baking soda, for example, can be used in rug cleaning New York as a treatment against mold. It is also useful for deodorizing carpeting, because it neutralizes smells. White vinegar is used for sanitizing areas that may have been contaminated with bacteria. It can help lift stains out of carpeting when mixed with water. Gentle vegetable based soaps and detergents can also be mixed with water and applied to your carpets. When you need a deeper cleaning solution than what you can find around your kitchen cupboard, however, it’s necessary to find a rug cleaning New York professional who has made a commitment to using ecologically friendly cleaning products. Be sure to ask what options you have before you commit to any new cleaning service, for the best results. As more and more consumers are becoming interested in what’s in their cleaning products, more and more cleaning services are finding ways to give a professional, deep cleaning without the use of any chemicals. Steam cleaning and dry cleaning services can be performed in a completely non-toxic, organic, and environmentally friendly way nowadays. Read About: Organic Rug Cleaners

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