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Rug – Dry Cleaning

Rug dry cleaning is important for the maintenance of your oriental rugs. These rugs are one of your most prized home furnishings so taking particularly good care of them is necessary which includes rug dry cleaning. Even though your oriental rug may not look dirty, there is soiling which is the build up of various oily materials and soil particles which only rug dry cleaning can effectively get out. Many people do their own version of home rug dry cleaning which is effective yet, you should still have yearly rug dry cleaning maintenance from a professional rug dry cleaning carpet cleaner such as Oriental Rug Care NY. Oriental Rug Care NY specializes in rug dry cleaning. Home Versus Professional Rug Dry Cleaning If you do not use your own rug dry cleaning methods, then it is crucial to use professional rug dry cleaning services a few times a year. Rug dry cleaning is crucial to your carpet’s life because the soiling can lead to your oriental carpet fibers to fade. Also, if you think about how many times people walk across the oriental a day, worse if they have their shoes on, and how these oily materials and soil particles dig into the carpet. These particles are particularly hard to get out. Usually those who use home rug dry cleaning can take out all of the soil build up on the surface but the professionals are the ones who get into the root of the problem with their professional rug dry cleaning methods. How Often Should You Use Rug Dry Cleaning Services If the maintenance of your oriental rug is a priority then you need a professional rug dry cleaning company like Oriental Rug Care NY to take care of this problem. Most professionals recommend that you use professional rug dry cleaning services every 18 months approximately. If you have a lot of parties or people living in your home that walk across the carpets creating soil trafficking then you may want to use Rug dry cleaning services more frequently from every 6 to 12 months. You also do not want to over rug dry cleaning your carpets. Why Use Rug Dry Cleaning? Professional rug dry cleaning services use the most safe and effective cleaning methods to rug dry clean your carpet. Certain chemicals are often used for rug dry cleaning but they are not dangerous to your health. Professional rug dry cleaning services like those at Oriental Rug Care NY use methods like hot water extraction for carpet cleaning. Other methods used for rug dry cleaning are rotary shampoos, powder, absorbent pads, dry foam and bonnet cleaning. Rug dry cleaning will remove oily materials, soil build up and oriental rug odors. When was the last time you used rug dry cleaning services? If you cannot remember the last time, then maybe it is time to contact a rug dry cleaning professional like Oriental Rug Care NY who specialize in rug dry cleaning.

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