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Rug Patching NYC

Rug Patching Service in New York City

Rugs are important parts of a home’s interior. They embrace the floors and turn them alive and attractive. If you go out to shop for rugs, you will discover that there are several types of rugs that come in varied sizes, designs, shapes and materials used during the process of manufacturing. With regular cleaning and proper maintenance, you can upkeep the looks and quality of the rugs. Yet, due to unfortunate incidents, rugs can easily be torn up. What should you do with your rugs that have holes in it? Would you instantly go out and buy a new one?  The most economic way to eliminate the holes of your rug is to patch them up.

Do you have a rug with holes in it? What type of rug do you have? We specialize in repairing Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, antique rugs, wool rugs, silk rugs, machine made rugs. We will use our expertise to restore and fix your damaged rug.

What Unfortunate Incidents Cause the Rug Holes? 

Small holes and tears in rugs are caused by several different reasons. For one, if there is too much foot traffic, which the rug gets, this can indeed result damages. Secondly, if you have domestic pets at home that love to scratch and bite things up; your rugs can be one of their favorites. Same goes in the case when moving heavy objects or furniture over the rug.  In some cases, water damage can cause holes in the rugs as well. Irrespective of the cause, the holes or tears in the rug should immediately be given attention to get rid of the worst results. As you know, if you delay the repair, the knots of the rug can turn undone, leaving your rug entirely damaged.  There is also moth damage in which can cause terrible damage and holes.

How can you patch the holes on the rug?  With a professional rug patching service, you prevent the rug from further damage. You eliminate add up costs to fixing the holes.

What can our Rug Patch Service do for your Rug?

Oriental Rug Care NY will let the rug undergo a quality rug patching process that will make the holes vanish. They have numerous rug patching techniques where they can choose according to the extent of the damage of your rug. If the hole is just small, they will stitch it up in order to strengthen its surrounding fiber and in order to avoid further tears or any damage. Meanwhile, in the event that the hole is more prominent, the rug undergoes patching and reweaving. Through the use of a selective dye method, this lets the yarn color to be used harmonizes the original color of your rug.

The new dyed yarn will then be spliced into the surrounding fiber of the hole and then begin patching up your rug. Based on the size of the hole, we will either re-knot or reweave the pile in the same manner as the original. If the rug contains a weaving pattern, we will create the same while patching the hole up. Our work is assured to be accurate, neat and perfect.  Most of the time you will never know where the holes once were.

For more information about rug patching and repairs call us today 212-585-1900

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